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Maybe this will be the last time you will hear my voice.  Maybe this will be the last time 

you will hear some preacher say, “Now is the time.” 

One more time I ask you, “Will you come? Will you come tonight?” 

I plead with you and the Lord pleads with you.  All things are ready.  Come.  

The Lord write his Word upon every heart for his name’s sake.

Hell is a real place.  Men may laugh and they may make jokes about the existence of such a place as hell.  Apostate religion may, indeed, attack this doctrine. But the doctrine of endless punishment, this doctrine that the lost will be suffering forever is so solemn that man’s natural instinct is either to ignore it, to not think about it whatsoever or to deny it.  

But God’s Word will stand the test of time and eternity and prove that all of these people are nothing more than liars and deceivers.  Hell is real. As a matter of fact, the strongest support for the doctrine of hell is coming from the teaching of Jesus Christ himself. Though this doctrine is plainly taught in Paul’s epistles and other parts of Scripture, nowhere do we find such detailed descriptions and emphasis in this doctrine as from the lips of Jesus Christ.  It is true that Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry said more in his public ministry….he said more about hell than he did about heaven. That is true.  He has more to say about endless punishment than he does endless perfection.